What is Yoni Egg?

Yoni Eggs are beautifully polished semiprecious stones that are carved into an egg. The word “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word for vagina. And I love to think of it as a sensual form of expression, when identifying our woman parts as a “Yoni,” because it means “sacred temple.” And that’s just what our vaginas are. Sacred. The yoni egg is created to be inserted inside of our Yoni’s, and it helps to tighten and tone our love muscles. Or should I say our pelvic muscles? Also, its energy helps with healing and restoring our sex centers, as well as raising our own sexual energetic vibration.  It helps to amplify the juicy pleasure of sexual stimulation, and orgasmic sensation, thus enjoying all of that Goddess Goodness that is your divine birthright.  

The Benefits of Owning an Egg

There are so many benefits when using a Yoni Egg. From increased natural wetness, to overcoming some fertility issues. Your Yoni Egg will bless you with a much more juicer, tightened, and toned sacred love spot. Your sensitivity level will rise with that sensual and vibrational orgasmic satisfaction. And your man will even notice a much tighter fit, when entering inside of you.

The use of an Egg is so profound and powerful, because it can balance our estrogen levels, and help to prevent a prolapse uterus in the future. Also, our Yoni’s have these meridian points that are receptors, and those energetic points are connected to our organs.  So by inserting an Egg inside of your sacred space, you’re sending loving signals to your organs encouraging a healing process to take place. And this is how your body and soul becomes rejuvenated and elevated. Simply from using one powerful Yoni stone.