About Jade

A little Sacred information about the Womb Goddess

Jade is an online radio personality of her own radio show, called Erotic Talk Radio. She’s hosted Erotic Talk Radio for 3 ½ years now. And one day, through her many interviews, she met and interviewed a womb steaming practitioner. It was then that she found her life’s purpose. In fact, it was that one show that changed her life forever. For 21 years, Jade has practice natural herbal remedies to help heal sickness, aid in enhancing the libido in her clients, and encouraging those same clients to soak in herbal baths for energy healing, and that Goddess goodness sensual herbal cleansing. And she decided to take that journey to become a certified sacred womb healing practitioner herself.
Focusing and teaching women to listen to their womb, and align their sacred womb with the universe, their mind and spirit in order to manifest all that they desire. Jade continues to run her first business of 14 years as a sex and relationship specialist, for her adult pleasure party business called Erotic Expression, where she teaches her clients how to enhance their romance. And erotically express their most passionate desires. Its with the merging of both business objectives, that she came up with the perfect blueprint that shows women how to be true warrior Goddess's. And with that, she teaches women to honor their sacred selves.

Inbox Jade for a sensual consultation, or womb healing session.

Received my consultation and womb activation session on Monday. I can say that honestly I feel better. I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago and I still have as the medical doctors say “Phantom pains”. Before Goddess Jade started unbeknownst to her I was cramping very badly. As we activated my womb the pain started easing up. Before the end of the session I had lil to no pain at all. 2 days later my womb feels different a good new different. Talking to Goddess Jade is like talking to my sister. She was so nice and had a calming vibe to her. Thank you so much Goddess Jade.

Audrey Wright

This reading was spot on, I cannot say enough great things about this woman. You get an opportunity get a reading from her – Many Blessings ?


When I first came across Ms. Jade I was a little skeptical given my experience with previous readers. As soon as I got on the phone with her I felt an instant connection and she immediately tapped into my issues… She told me some things that I didn’t want to hear but what I needed to hear in order to begin the process of moving on. Ms. Jade did the honey jar spell to help me in love and I am so grateful for it. Not only have I gotten over my ex but I have found someone and we are hitting it off great!

Thank you so much Jade for helping me manifest my reality!!

John Cash

I really love the Sacred Womb Healing Session that Jade provides. The personal one on one and guidance she gives to each of her clients speaks to who she is as a person. I will be booking another session with her again really soon.

Kim Bay-Pierce Designer

I loved the Womb Healing and Reading Session I got. Jade took the time to added a consultation so that I could have time to ask questions. She made sure to answer everything, and to also explain some extra things to me. Thank you. I will be making another appointment with you after the holidays.

Kari Phillips Manager

Thank you for my Yoni Egg. I really appreciate you giving your clients a 30 minute consultation, when they purchase a Yoni Egg. This is especially good for someone like me, who’s never used a Yoni Egg before. And I even like the detail directions that are included in the box, along with your personalized note. So thank you for giving me a great experience for my first time.

Lanetta Manager