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Vaginal steaming is an ancient form of medicine that is used to promote good healing of the womb and feminine reproductive system, by using herbal steam combined with other healing agents to assist in facilitating the body’s natural healing process. This is a method that has been practiced by our ancient ancestors. And this sacred womb healing method has been passed down through traditions of different cultures including African and Caribbean to name a few. In addition, sweating is another ritual that is recognized as a modality in healing the entire body, specifically the womb and reproductive organs. The Native American cultures have used smudging the womb, and other cultures have used yoni steaming and sweat lodges as a form of healing as well. This Sacred Womb Herbal Steam and Womb Sauna method, goes way beyond the common spa experience. It is my goal to empower other women to tap into their sacred self, so that she can bring her healing to herself. Also, Sacred Womb Healings Herbal steam, is a mobile womb care business, that’s dedicated to offering you this sacred and powerful experience in the privacy of your own home. Book your session today. You’ll be glad that you did.

Sacred Herbal Womb Steam- $120.00

Enjoy this ancient herbal womb steam in the privacy of your own home. Book your sacred womb herbal steam session today. 
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Sacred Womb Herbal Steam - $120.00

I will come to you and set up a private intimate sacred space for your womb sauna and sacred womb herbal steam experience.
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Sacred Womb Herbal Steam- $120.00

Enjoy this calming and natural way that promotes cleansing, healing, and balancing through womb awareness and wellness.
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