Sacred Rose Quartz Yoni Love Stone- $50.00

The Sacred Yoni Love Stone is known as the crystal that offers unconditional love and peace. It will help you to attract love. It restores trust, harmony and forgiveness. It's an excellent choice if you are recovering from a lost love, or experiencing grief. or even sexual trauma in your life. This love stone replaces negativity with loving vibes of healing. It's a nurturing energy that resonates, well with the body. It known for stimulating and healing the Heart Chakra.

Jade Egg- $65.00

The Sacred Nephrite Jade Egg is known as the stone of heaven. It's also known for it's healing properties. And has a number of minerals, that helps the body with self healing. It also helps to heal most kidney issues. And brings the energetic essence of harmony around the person wearing it. In china, this sacred stone is believed to bring the wearer good luck and fortune. Protection, and good health. It also is believed to attract good friendship, and is associated with the heart chakra, which increases love and true nurturing. The Sacred Nephrite Jade Egg also helps to balance the fluids in the body, and assists with fertility and childbirth. It also removes toxins. This sacred stone is beautiful and is a loving stone that guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Black Obsidian- $50.00

The Black Obsidian Yoni Love Stone is known to help with protection and deep depression. It blocks psychic attacks and is excellent at blocking and absorbing negative energies, redirecting them away from the wearer. It dissolves emotional blockages, reduces arthritis pain, joint problems and cramps. It also aids in mental stress, and stimulates growth in all levels. It's a very powerful stone that takes fast action in removing negative energies. But it can bring unpleasant truths to the surface. Truths that has to be confronted in order to go through the healing process.