The Sacred Touch~ Tapping into Your Yoni’s Energy

The Sacred Touch~ Tapping into Your Yoni’s Energy

The sacred Yoni is very powerful, but so is the Lingam. Sex is a ritual where energy, emotions, and thoughts are exchanged. Every thrust, stroke, and pump is an affirmation that can take place. And that can be propelled into the universe. The problem is, when you allow for a man’s Lingam to enter and cum inside of you, you’re feeding off of every positive or negative energy that that man has ever consumed. So when he enters inside of you, are you aware of the kind of energy he has? And when you’re engaging in sex, how is your own emotions? Because he is feeding off of your energy as well.

Today, sex is so opened that many will give it away like a piece of candy, unaware of it’s value, sacredness, and power that their love spot carries. It is important to not be too sexually opened with just anyone, because their energy stays with you for a very long time. And some people have bad tainted energy. This of course is an energy you don’t want to harvest and carry with you. Especially when you’re performing magic and rituals.

This brings me to that sexual experience when a man is tapping and massaging your sacred love walls with his Lingam.  And later on you start to feel off balanced. And of course you don’t link it to the way he tapped and connected to your vaginal walls.

And since this is Sacred Womb Healing, I have to share with you that if a man has sex with you the right way, there is a cleansing, a healing, and a balance that can take place. And when Spirit led me to a video from Queen Black Berry Beauty on YouTube, it was confirmation for me as far as all that I grew to suspect about the ridges that resides deep inside of our sacred love walls.

I had already came to the conclusion that the ridges that are within our sacred love walls, were some kind of signal between our manifestations and the Universe. I saw those ridges as little Chakra’s that were inside of our Yoni’s. And so if our Yoni’s have not been fully awakened, then there has to be a blockage that has taken place. I also found that those ridges that are embedded within our sacred space, are connected to our organs in some way. So if we’re tapped incorrectly from engaging in sex with a man, we may start to feel chest or abdominal pains. Or even shortness of breath because he touched one of our sacred meridian points in such a way, that it impacted our lungs.

Just think, if there are key points on the bottom of our feet that connects to our organs, imagine the great connection that those little ridges/ meridian points has within our juicy vaginal walls. This is the very reason you have to watch who you allow to slide inside of you. That man who has worked his way into your bed, could be saturating your insides with his semen. And it could possibly be contaminated with dark stagnant harvested energy. So be mindful of who you allow to “cum” inside of your sacred temple. Because not everyone is worth entering inside of your sacred space.




Jade Bryan