The Sacred Love Sex Ritual

The Sacred Love Sex Ritual

The sacred journey of my love & sex ritual was such a powerful experience, it’s no wonder why sex is still so taboo. It started with the lighting of my Goddess Sex Love altar. I prepared an oil lamp that included herbs with the soul purpose to draw in those yummy sacred sex and love energies. And I used those same herbs to help draw in that sacred goddess energy. I also placed inside the oil lamp several stones. Like rose quarts to draw in love, and emerald for love and sacred royalty. I then anointed my body with Rose-oil, and cleansed my sacred space with sage. So cleansed all around my Goddess Sex Love Altar, and around my bed and bedroom area. You can even sage yourself, just to cleanse YOU off whatever negative or stagnant energy you may have absorbed that day. But this process, also helps to ground you. Because the bottom line is, you want to feel pure loving energies throughout your sacred sex session.

People often ask me how is sex considered sex magic when you are just having sex? So allow me to feed your imagination with a visual. 1st, when you’re getting prepared for that love making to go down. What all do you do? You may light some incense, spray the house with some fragrant spray or perfume, light some candles, and turn on some slow jams that’s guaranteed to put you in the mood. Some of us even sprinkle rose petals on and around the bed. So you’re setting the tone. You are, preparing your sacred sex ritual to take place. And if you are one of those who likes to be created with rose petals. An herb that is known for passion, lust, and love… then the rose petals around the floor is your sacred circle. In fact, I’ll even go deeper for you, and tell you that your bed is your sex altar all on it’s own. So when you place clean linen on your bed for that special company or companion. Then what you’ve done is  placed the cloth of the altar on to your sex altar. And with added rose petals on the bed… that is nothing more than you dressing your sex altar.

The Sacred Sex Ritual

What I did was a yoni massage. A sacred self love and meditation session that I did on myself earlier in the evening. Then I performed a recorded Yoni Awakening, Orgasmic Meditation and Manifestation session on sound cloud. And doing this allowed others to take part of this powerful sacred yoni Ju Ju that I was getting into. In fact, this shit is so powerful, I created live sacred sister circles that has been proven to be amazing. And I was doing all of this for the first time as Goddess. All while the energy was at its most powerful and activated. Later my husband was laying on his side when I went into our bedroom. So before I got started with this special sacred sex ritual. I grabbed my oil lamp, anointed my forehead, my chest, and my womb with my oil.

And this was me simply repeating the anointing process before the sacred sex merge. Just like I did earlier when I did my yoni massage. And then I lit my oil lamp, and brought it into my bedroom to sit it on my nightstand. After all, this was my sacred space. And my power zone. So I stood there over the oil lamp in deep prayer. Meditating. Connecting. And merging with my deepest desire. Then I climbed in the bed and turned my husband over on his back. And for a moment, we were both mesmerized. Looking deep in each others eyes, and soul gazing. Connecting, merging, and honoring one another.

And while kneeling on my knees I held my hands over his chest, and I chanted silently to myself. Then while holding onto my intention and my desires, I climbed on top of him and began to ride him. Honoring his sacred Lingam and the energy that was flowing through and around us. As I held my head back, I could feel the warm high velocity of energy build up inside of me. I mean it was like we were merging from the inside out. Not just a holding and embracing kind of merge. But the deep warm feeling when his masculinity crossed with my femininity. 

 The ritual was short and sweet. But very powerful. And there was this intense feeling as the intention that was pushed out into the universe as we burst into our powerful orgasms…. Felt  different in the way that I sexually seduced him. He felt like I was a different person.  And I was. I was Goddess.

And at the end of our sex merge. This powerful sex magic, and sacred sex juju. In the end of all this yuminess that just took place. When he released his sacred specimen of power inside of me. Merging our love fluids. There was just a few more things that was left for me to make this sacred sex ritual complete. That last ingredient brought enhancement to my intentions. I left from the bedroom with my oil lamp in my hand, and went into the other room. There I stood in-front of my goddess sex love altar, and I placed the oil lamp down on the altar, and then I reached down between my legs where his sacred cream was slowly seeping out of me. And I took a little with two fingers. And dipped the tip of one of my fingers in my rose oil. I anointed my forehead, my womb, and a red passion tapered candle. And as I lit this candle, and still focusing on the flame of my oil lamp, I then said; “Flesh against flesh, spirit as one with spirit, love, heart, and soul merged into one. I am Goddess, sacred womb goddess. Bless by my power to live in my divine birthright. And so it is, and so it will be.” And then it was done.




Jade Bryan