Same Sex Sex Magic Womb to Womb Healing & Yoni to Yoni Merging

Same Sex Sex Magic Womb to Womb Healing & Yoni to Yoni Merging

Sacred same sex magic is is imagined to be very powerful when you’re doing womb to womb magic, healing work, and sacred yoni to yoni merge. The recording below was one of our live online broadcasts where I shared a few  suggested techniques to opening up with your partner emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And I forgot to add that it also helps you to open up with your lover magically. And I even gave some tips to holding that sacred space for you and your lover. It was really an informative and entertaining show.

I love to share with Queen Goddess’s who have same sex relationships, that our sacred space holds a lot of power. From our wombs to our sacred vaginal tunnel of love.  Wait. What the hell am I talking about? I love sharing this fact with all my Queen Goddess sisters. We are so lucky as women to have so many resources to hone in on, when it comes to the power of our intuitive purposes. Even our sacred cycle holds this powerful creative source. And that source mixed with that womb to womb ritual, is powerful in bringing our deepest desires into fruition. Imagine the two of your energies merging as they send signals out into the ether’s. YES!!! It is time to use that sacred womb conjure. Using womb to womb magic, yoni to yoni merging, and sacred sex magic to manifest and bring into fruition what it is that the two of YOU desire. You can also take this same method, and use it to ignite and charge your intentions. And this method can also be used to heal yourselves. Healing your life and your womb. Your sacred center.

So to start to create and make this intense womb to womb magic, you first have to clear your mind and spirit of any toxic, unwanted, stagnant, energetic muck that’s cluttering your entire surroundings. Do this by smudging yourselves and the area you’re going to be doing your ritual in.

On Erotic Talk Radio, some of the techniques on the episode of Sacred Same Sex Yoni Magic & Womb to Womb Healing. Included advise of holding that sacred space for each other. And how to build up that orgasmic energy using clitoral to clitoral stimulation. So here’s a little something below to get you started.

Womb to Womb Magic

-1st, as I always mention, set the scene. Light your candles, pour the both of you a glass of wine. And use that wine to create a love elixir.  (So before serving it, pray over it, bless it, add loving energies in it, and put edible fruits, honey, and cinnamon in the wine, to create a passion love  elixir.)

-Carve your intentions into your candles and prepare the candles for your ritual by dressing it with your sacred love juices, or herbs and oils that is for attracting that loving energy.

– Next, draw a sigil and your  petition on each others womb using a red washable marker, honey, melted chocolate, or love oil. Now consecrate your sacred womb sigil with divine love. Then bless each-other’s sigil  by kissing your lover just below her bellybutton.

-Next, sitting comfortably, look into each others eyes. Deeply, and passionately. Gazing in each-others eyes is called soul gazing. And this allows you to silently connect with your partner in a deep passionate and loving way. So look deep in each other’s eyes and call out your intentions for the evening. Say your desires, and while doing so, touch your partners heart, and say;

“I merge  with your heart, now our hearts are as one. Our energies merge like the rays to the sun.”

Now place your hands on your partners womb, over your marking. And then say;

“Bless be our womb, so pure so bright. Magnetize the forces with all of her might.

This is my will, this is my plea. Spirit of thy womb, so shall it be.”

Then look deep in each-others eyes again, and say;

“North, South, East, West. Tonight, together, we are divinely blessed. 

Gods, Goddess’s, ancestral linage. Bring into form, our sacred image.

This is our will, this is our plea, sacred womb yoni merge, so mote it be.” 

©07-2017- Jade Torres-Bryan

Now anoint each other with coconut oil or rose oil. Massaging, caressing, and focusing on your intentions. You should also be taking in deep breaths in union. Inhaling and then exhaling deep slow breaths.  Slowly caressing one another. And use yoni to yoni merging through clitoral to clitoral stimulation. The sensation will connect with those meridian points that are embedded  inside of your yoni’s.  That’s the ridges within your sacred walls. They are sensors that communicates with and response to different points and organs in the body. That’s why it’s extra nice to open that beautiful yummy energy within that area. It’s like the yoni and the womb together is creating and manifesting as you focus on this amazing energetic play while also focusing on your desires. Feeling your intentions and all of that Goddess goodness that follows.

To find out more, click the play button below to listen to the Sacred Same Sex Yoni Magic, & Womb to Womb Healing episode. Because I give more detailed instructions with how you will physically be touching and massaging one another after your sacred prayer. So feel free to check out the play back, and listen as I give some ideas on how to get you started with your sacred womb to womb ritual. But really the truth is, you and your lover can get together and make this moment fun, sexy, and magical all by yourselves. That’s the beautiful thing about womb magic . You can create your own words of power and prayer, just to set the tone of your dual sensual sacred womb experience. Always remember, how you know if you’re doing it correct is this. Ask yourself how does it feel. And if it feels right…. I mean if it feels really really right. (wink wink) LOL!!! Then it is. Goddess Blessings and wishing you sacred power, healing, success, and abundance in your sacred same sex, womb to womb magic and Yoni merging.




Jade Bryan